Interesting facts about Moreves…

Moreves Barn was constructed in the early 17th century and is associated with Moreves Manor, which is home to the Allan family who are the present owners of Moreves Barn. Moreves Manor is a Doomsday Manor, and the medieval history has been researched by Historians in the past.

Moreves Barn is an aisled barn of timber-frame construction, is 6 bays long and is made on a massive scale with a frame that is well built and taller than average.

The common roof rafters of the barn are of particular interest because they are mainly second-hand. The rafters show a technique found in church roofs and in higher quality houses. An unusual detail is the mortising for braces rising up from the rafter to the collars of each truss. This is an indicator of high status carpentry.

These rafters probably came from the medieval hall range of Moreves Manor which formerly stood closer to the road and would have been demolished in the 17th century. Other timbers may well have come from the same house but are not possible to identify.

The roof was clad in corrugated iron when Mr & Mrs Allan  acquired the barn, and it was probably thatched originally. The corrugated iron was replaced with double Roman clay pan tiles during the most recent renovation of the barn.

The barn was last used for agricultural purposes in the 20th century and there was a period of abandonment in which the structure was not weatherproof.

Since purchased by the present owner, the building has been made sound and watertight and certain alterations have been made.The most resent conversion for leisure use has saved the timber frame and the sense of space within the building.

Excerpts taken from Philip Aitkens Historic Buildings report on Moreves Barn.